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MA-700 In-Pipe Moisture Sensor

Designed to enable real-time monitoring of materials transported via pipe conveyor, the MoistScan MA-700 In-Pipe Microwave Moisture Sensor is ideal for monitoring moisture at various points along the processing chain.

Typically located at the exit or entry to dryers, ovens, granulators, cookers, extruders and storage bins the MA-700 seamlessly integrates with your plants DCS enabling real-time feedforward-feedback control. The MA-700 also includes a local display allowing plant operators to manually adjust critical processing equipment.

Increase yields using real-time monitoring

Able to accommodate the flow of material in both dense and lean phases, the MoistScan MA-700 is entirely non-invasive having nil affect on the dynamics of material flow. The interchangeable HDPVC pipe spool dressing accommodates a wide range of pipe diameters.

The MA-700 is customised for each industry to comply with industry-specific safety, health and hygiene standards. Models exist for mining & mineral processing, food processing, building product manufacturing and chemical manufacturing.

The MA-700 uses a patented whispering wall/adjacent antenna technique to obtain highly accurate results.

Features include:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Trend analysis
  • Alarming
  • Manual plant & equipment control
  • Automated plant & equipment control
  • Dry tonnage calculation
  • Yield maximisation


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